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Ban Appeal

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I'd like to be unbanned and have a 2nd chance, I genuinely did not know about the 800m engagement rule around safezones and don't want to be permanently banned on the best exile server I've played on because of a misunderstanding of a rule and I promise not to make this mistake again.

Ban Reason(s): Camping SZ



In-game name: Comrade Vladimir


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southern blend asked me whether or not I thought that x player was capable of changing and that is what i should base my decision on for how long the ban is. If i don't think a player will change their ( habits / stop doing whatever you were banned for ) then I am not going to unban you and your ban might stay permanent. Me personally I don't think you will change but since this is your first offence and you appealed quickly i am willing to have mercy on you. Plz don't make me reget doing so.  I would highly recommend reading the rules that are posted on the website. It literally says ingame that by playing ingame on our servers you agree to all of our rules regardless of whether or not you have read them.  Good Luck dont make me have to ban u again. and also NGL ur playing style is pretty cancerous IMO but thats just me.  



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Edit: you broke my trust just like i said you would.  you will now be permanently banned never to be lifted. 



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