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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions:

All items and services received as a gift because you donated are in a digital form and not physical. Therefore, a delivery address is not required but a billing address will be required by pay-pal upon purchase. We do not see this billing address as it is protected by PayPal.

All items may be revoked at any time under certain circumstances. These circumstances of having your product or service removed include whereby the customer has been removed from the communities’ website, Discord or in-game server as a result of breaking one of our community rules. You understand that by breaking one of our rules you may lose your item or service. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to appeal your ban and if your appeal is accepted, you will be unbanned and receive your purchased items once again. All player data can and will be used to our discretion.

We hold the right to change our community rules at any moment in time, and if in our opinion a rule change requires an announcement, we will make such announcement.

Donations are not refundable.

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