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  1. SouthernBlend

    Monkey Staff Application

  2. SouthernBlend

    Staff Application - Lidl Bakery Price

    UNDER REVIEW Thanks for applying, we will get back to you.
  3. SouthernBlend

    PlagueDoctor Mod Applicaton

    UNDER REVIEW Thanks for applying your application is under review.
  4. SouthernBlend

    Pariah Staff Application

  5. SouthernBlend

    Zach's staff Application

    DENIED Thanks for the application, but no what we are looking for We need in-game moderators
  6. SouthernBlend

    Kai's Mod App

    DENIED No reply was given.
  7. SouthernBlend

    Trapstar2121's Staff application

    UNDER REVIEW Thanks for applying we'll get back to you.
  8. SouthernBlend

    FlatEarther33's Mod Application

    ACCEPTED Please talk to Ren or I, about getting you situated on the staff team.
  9. SouthernBlend

    Staff Application

    APPROVED Welcome to the Staff Team.
  10. SouthernBlend

    Kai's Mod App

    I appreciate your involvement within the community, but I don't know if you are fully willing to take a staff position seriously and professionally. There's no problem with being unprofessional and unserious playing on our server(to an extent of course), but you'd have to be willing to do that at all times regardless if you are not staffing at the time.
  11. SouthernBlend

    Staff Application

  12. SouthernBlend

    Staff Application