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  1. We are looking for a new slogan for the server, and we need your help! Needs to be 2-3 words long, simple and effective preferably something with the word "Shadow" but anything works . Chosen slogan creator will be given a prize of 2 million poptabs. Best of luck to everyone and thanks for all the support. ❤️ TIGER
  2. Rentiger12

    Should we keep zombies on the server?

    officially changing my vote from no zombies to radiation zones or restricted areas.
  3. Rentiger12

    Experience System

    CONTROLS: LEFT CTRL + T Stealth Gamers is proud to present to you the reworked mavericks modular talent tree for Exilemod. When you kill A Zombie/AI/Player or sell an item to a trader (any reputation gain = exp gain). By gaining experience you level up your characters over level and obtain skill points. You can use these skill points to unlock perks and level up your perks as you level your character progressively. At the time of writing this screenshot shows the base installation and the perks that come as is. We have plans to add all new perks. DISCLAIMER: we have to test all these to see if these are all possible these are just ideas Some perk ideas were thinking of: Dynamic locker limit: you can level up this perk to increase how many poptaps you can hold in your locker overall. Respect gain multiplier: You can level up this perk to multiply the amount of rep gain you get from killing certain things Garage hacker: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to hack someones flag for their VG vehicles (and maybe overall amount off attempts you get to hack). Locksmith: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to grind locks Safe Cracker: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to hack safes (and maybe overall amount off attempts you get to hack). AI Damage: reduced damage from AI recoil control: obvious right? got any ideas? post below!
  4. Rentiger12

    Ban Appeal

    Edit: you broke my trust just like i said you would. you will now be permanently banned never to be lifted. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 PEACE BRO.
  5. Rentiger12

    JSRS Sound

    A soundmod for ArmA3 and ArmA3 Apex - The lastest delevopment in the direction of audiovisual dimension by JSRS-Studios. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMODprovides a powerful and new sound experience, from all vanilla ArmA3 to the APEX DLC contents! Try now the new reloading and bipod sounds for this mod: JSRS Soundmod Reloading Sounds RHS, NIA Arsenal, and SMA Support! Don't forget to check out the additional RHS Sound Supports for AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF Content! RHS AFRF Support Sounds RHS USAF Support Sounds RHS GREF Support Sounds RHS SAF Support Sounds NIArms Arsenal Support Sounds SMA Support Sounds
  6. Rentiger12


    Our server supports the clientside use of the Blastcore mod so load in with it as you wish. Heres some more info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317 "This version is standalone. You should not run Blastcore Edited (standalone) together with Blastcore Edited (a fix version). You don't need any other mods to run. Set particles quality on High. Dependencies: none This mod is based on Blastcore: Phoenix with edits taken from Blastcore: Phoenix 2 and Arma 3 vanilla effects. This version fixes a lot of errors caused by Arma 3 updates and changes some of the effects. I have put a lot of work in it (more than a year), but not as much as Opticalsnare, of course. You download this mod AS IS. Some effects may be broken or don't work at all. Test it on vanilla only. Effects may be broken with RHS mods or any other mods that uses custom or edited effects. Feel free to contact me if you find errors. "
  7. Rentiger12

    Staff Application (EU) - Tom

    DECLINED i think everyone would like to see you stay a player in our community for RN.
  8. Rentiger12

    Staff Application

    REVIEW IN PROGRESS I would like to speak with you in discord tonight or when you are next online. edit: will be available after 5pm central us
  9. MAPS: LYTHIUM: "The map replicate the tribal areas of Afghanistan, crossed by a large valley that runs over the map. You will find two main cities, aside from the villages or smaller towns, both oriented on north and south of the map with their respective airfields. The map name comes from the main route linking those two provinces in which all the operating of the Spanish armed forces in Afghanistan took place between 2002-2015 to secure the route between Badghis and Bala Murghad." ESSEKER: "169km2 of Post-apocalyptic world designed for survival gameplay. Based on real world location in Bosnia, modeled after reference and satellite images. 1.480.000 objects so far. We are aiming for realism, and we are putting a lot of effort in details to make everything look natural and organic. ( Requires All in Arma terrain pack or CUP Terrains other mod with Chernarus objects )" NAPF WINTER: "After 2.5 years of work, I finally finished my Napf Island. It is a terrain for Arma2 OA that is 20.4km on 20.4km in size. While the norh part is rather flat and is the home of most of the big cities, the south is dominated by mountains, forests and wilderness. The map is based on real elevation data from a region in Switzerland, but the towns, roads and forests are highly fictionalized." TANOA: "Welcome to Tanoa – home to lush tropical vegetation, unique landmarks, a rich history, and imposing man-made feats of modern engineering. Walk, swim, drive, fly, and sail your way across over 100 km² of the South Pacific archipelago. Situated in the South Pacific, the island province of Tanoa is one of many that, together, compose the Horizon Islands – an independent island nation with historic ties to both East and West. Formerly an outpost belonging to the Empire of Japan, before its liberation by US Marines in 1944, evidence of a long history of conflict and turmoil can still be found dotted across the island – relics from times long-since passed." RUHA: "Size 8x8km, Location Finland Based on real world place but its heavily modifield" Lingor/Dingor Island: "This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~5 months were spent on research and creation of this world." https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=718649903&searchtext=
  10. Should players be allowed to build bases on docks?
  11. Rentiger12

    Ban Appeal

    southern blend asked me whether or not I thought that x player was capable of changing and that is what i should base my decision on for how long the ban is. If i don't think a player will change their ( habits / stop doing whatever you were banned for ) then I am not going to unban you and your ban might stay permanent. Me personally I don't think you will change but since this is your first offence and you appealed quickly i am willing to have mercy on you. Plz don't make me reget doing so. I would highly recommend reading the rules that are posted on the website. It literally says ingame that by playing ingame on our servers you agree to all of our rules regardless of whether or not you have read them. Good Luck dont make me have to ban u again. and also NGL ur playing style is pretty cancerous IMO but thats just me. ❤️ TIGER
  12. Rentiger12

    Steven McDowall Staff Application

  13. Rentiger12

    Ban Appeal

  14. Rentiger12

    Server Rules

    fuckin awesome