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    Server Information

    Server Information

    Stealth Gamers is proud to present to you the reworked mavericks modular talent tree for Exilemod. When you kill A Zombie/AI/Player or sell an item to a trader (any reputation gain = exp gain). By gaining experience you level up your characters over level and obtain skill points. You can use these skill points to unlock perks and level up your perks as you level your character progressively. 
    At the time of writing this screenshot shows the base installation and the perks that come as is. We have plans to add all new perks.
    DISCLAIMER: we have to test all these to see if these are all possible these are just ideas
    Some perk ideas were thinking of:
    Dynamic locker limit: you can level up this perk to increase how many poptaps you can hold in your locker overall.  Respect gain multiplier: You can level up this perk to multiply the amount of rep gain you get from killing certain things  Garage hacker: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to hack someones flag for their VG vehicles (and maybe overall amount off attempts you get to hack).  Locksmith: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to grind locks Safe Cracker: You can level up this perk to decrease the amount of time it takes to hack safes (and maybe overall amount off attempts you get to hack).  AI Damage: reduced damage from AI recoil control: obvious right? got any ideas? post below! 

    A soundmod for ArmA3 and ArmA3 Apex - The lastest delevopment in the direction of audiovisual dimension by JSRS-Studios. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMODprovides a powerful and new sound experience, from all vanilla ArmA3 to the APEX DLC contents!
    Try now the new reloading and bipod sounds for this mod:
    JSRS Soundmod Reloading Sounds
    RHS, NIA Arsenal, and SMA Support!
    Don't forget to check out the additional RHS Sound Supports for AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF Content!
    RHS AFRF Support Sounds
    RHS USAF Support Sounds
    RHS GREF Support Sounds
    RHS SAF Support Sounds
    NIArms Arsenal Support Sounds
    SMA Support Sounds

    Our server supports the clientside use of the Blastcore mod so load in with it as you wish.  Heres some more info:
    "This version is standalone. You should not run Blastcore Edited (standalone) together with Blastcore Edited (a fix version). You don't need any other mods to run. 

    Set particles quality on High.

    Dependencies: none

    This mod is based on Blastcore: Phoenix with edits taken from Blastcore: Phoenix 2 and Arma 3 vanilla effects. This version fixes a lot of errors caused by Arma 3 updates and changes some of the effects. I have put a lot of work in it (more than a year), but not as much as Opticalsnare, of course. 

    You download this mod AS IS. Some effects may be broken or don't work at all. Test it on vanilla only. Effects may be broken with RHS mods or any other mods that uses custom or edited effects. Feel free to contact me if you find errors. "

    General Rules:
        No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping or Glitching doing this will result in a ban or a kick.     Only admins with [Admin] in the name have actual in-game powers.     Portraying yourself as an admin will result in a ban.     Threatening to hack / DDoS the server and its users it an instant perma-ban. Jokes included.     Do not accuse anyone of hacking/exploiting/breaking rules unless you have video proof which would prove otherwise.     If anyone is breaking the rules and you have proof tell us on the forums, Discord or Teamspeak. Proof needs to be in the form of a video, that video needs to have at least 2 minutes prior to the incident and 2 minutes after to be valid. Any video with the audio removed is invalid.     No combat logging. You are in combat as long as the red combat icon is flashing on your screen.     If there is a glitch/hack on the server in which you are benefiting from the glitch/hack, and you do not disclose to admins/owner/community manager you will be punished.     Using a drone to tow any vehicle will result in the drone and vehicle being deleted without warning.     No towing rearm /refuel /repair (@icarus) trucks to armed vehicles or air vehicles with the intent of rearming every 2 seconds thats a meta...     No Kamikazies      Abuse claims against anyone related to staff without proof will result in punishment.     Breaking rules just because another player did is not a legitimate reason to break rules.     Alts can NOT be used.     No desync ramming / kamikaze with the intent of blowing up someones vehicle.      No using Artillery tanks to fire into (Safezones, Spawn Cities) or endlessly targeting the same spot. This will be determined at the time of the accusation. Side Chat Rules:
        No excess trash talking in side chat. If we ask you more than once, you will be penalized.     English Only in side chat.     Side chat is not a “safe space”.     Claiming any kind of admin abuse without proof will result in a ban.     Excessive claims that another player is hacking, glitching and or breaking any rules without any proof will result in a ban. Trader Rules:
        No trolling people within Trading Zones (Examples: Mic Spamming, Vehicle Ramming, Hitting a player with a vehicle, etc)     No shooting into the safezone from the outside!!!!!     No jets in safezone     No using rearm trucks in safezone     No using drones while sitting inside safezone      Camping Trader Zones are prohibited and if you are caught you will be punished. This will be determined at the time of the accusation. Killing someone close to the    trader is also camping. Keep engagements away from traders. Watching trader and waiting for players to enter/exit is not allowed. This will be determined at the time of the accusation.     No lingering or sitting in safezone for no reason if your going to be a troll. going afk in a corner is fine lol.      Ramming anyone intentionally (even your friends)  in trader will result in a warning, kick or being trolled by an admin.     Do not flee to safe-zones while in combat. Once the combat situation is over from both sides you are then allowed into safe-zone. Because you were already headed to trader is not an excuse to flee.     Do not sit on edge of the safe-zone just to shoot someone. This is considered trader camping and safe-zone fleeing.     Do NOT steal anything from other players in safe-zone.     No leaving of vehicles in Trader Zones they will be unlocked during restart. If your vehicle is stolen after a restart, we will not compensate you.     Do not block the pathway to the traders.     Do not exploit the trader in any way.     Do not sit in trader and spot out of safe-zone, this includes using a drone.  This will result in a ban.     Vehicle Ownership: If your vehicle is stolen outside of trader it is no longer yours. The driver is the owner of the vehicle once in the trader if you lock the stolen vehicle in trader locking the owner in or out, it will result in a ban. If a vehicle is towed by previous owner parties involved will be banned. ****** If a vehicle has occupants still in gunner/commander they will not be kicked out. They need to be dealt with outside of the trader. They have the ability to switch to the driver while in safe-zone and drive away. Base Rules:
        If you are unsure if you are allowed to build in a certain area, just ask an admin or ask in TS or Discord.     No building more than one of each big EBM building per base. (solar tower, hangar, atc, etc.)      No storing vehicles in your virtual garage while you are in combat.      Your group can have only one base. If caught with more than one base all your bases will be deleted. * Family / Group / Individual may only occupy one base. You cannot share base codes/store vehicles in other territories etc. If you group up/play with the same group of people every day then you all need to share 1 base.     You CANNOT store vehicles in your garage whilst in combat. Whether or not you instigated the combat does not matter.     You CANNOT move walls/floors to get into your base.     You CANNOT build/remove/move/add walls/floors/locks while being raided.     Your base must have a door or gate for accessing the base.     Your base must be able to access all rooms by using doors or gates, including flag room.     Your base must have stairs leading up to each floor.     All flags must be able to be stolen. If your flag is inside an object it is subject to be removed.     Your flag room cannot consist of multiple doors clipping into one another and walls overlapping each other.     No building within 1500 meters of any Rad Zone. (Includes base pieces within 1500 meters)     You will not be allowed to build a sky base. (Doing this will get your base removed by Staff)     No building within 800 meters of any Airfield/Airstrip. (This means a building part cannot come within 800 meters of an airstrip.)     No building within 1000 meters of a Trader Zone and 750m from a Spawn Zone. (This only includes traders with safe-zones and is measured from the center of Trader/Spawn) (This means base parts within 1000m and 750m.)     No building within 1000 of non-safe-zone traders. This includes base pieces.     No building within 800 meters of any barracks. This includes base pieces.     No building on Roads. We will allow for you to build over roads but the Ural must be able to travel under your structure on the road.     You will not be refunded if your base is removed.     Bases can only be 40m tall. (solar towers allowed if built connected to the ground. )     Do not exploit any limiting base building scripts. Includes all base building rules stated above. (Severe punishment will follow)     No using indestructible buildable objects to cover walls or block flag rooms.     Buildables cannot be stacked on top of each other and must be accessible (like a flag).     If you forget to pay your territory or fail to restore it. The territory will despawn. You have 2 days to notify staff.

    Terms and Conditions:

    All items and services received as a gift because you donated are in a digital form and not physical. Therefore, a delivery address is not required but a billing address will be required by pay-pal upon purchase. We do not see this billing address as it is protected by PayPal.

    All items may be revoked at any time under certain circumstances. These circumstances of having your product or service removed include whereby the customer has been removed from the communities’ website, Discord or in-game server as a result of breaking one of our community rules. You understand that by breaking one of our rules you may lose your item or service. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to appeal your ban and if your appeal is accepted, you will be unbanned and receive your purchased items once again. All player data can and will be used to our discretion.

    We hold the right to change our community rules at any moment in time, and if in our opinion a rule change requires an announcement, we will make such announcement.

    Donations are not refundable.

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